REVIEW: Genius New Home Security camera never runs out of battery

Have you ever gone on vacation and wished you could monitor your home? Well now you can with the genius new Security Bulb. Monitor and protect your home like never before.

The Security Bulb doesn't rely on batteries that can "run out of juice" like other home security devices. And it has 360 degree movement so you can see everything that's going on. Other home security devices just stick to your wall.

It's dead simple, just screw the Security Bulb into any light bulb outlet and viola! You've got power. Just connect it to your home's wi-fi and then you can control the Security Bulb from anywhere in the world.

That's not even the best part. The Security Bulb has one of the worlds brightest LED light so you don't have to worry about "going dark" when you swap out the existing lightbulb.

It even has a high decibel alarm to frighten and deter burglars and "package pirates." This is great for the holidays when packages are showing up everyday and we're not home to get them. Studies also show that burglars are 5-times less likely to target a house if they see security cameras.

If you're away from home, all you have to do is select "Image Rotation" and your camera will start monitoring your yard for movement. It will alert you and if there is any suspicious movement and will set off it's alarm to deter the bad guy.

With the Security Bulb you can monitor your home in HD from anywhere in the world. It was rated the #1 home security device of 2022 and we can see why.

They're also much more affordable than the big brand names like Ring. So I decided to order four of them to monitor all sides of my house (front, back, and both sides). I'm much more relaxed traveling because I know that I can check on every corner of my house at any time.

If you're interested you should order today, because Security Bulb is offering a limited time 50% discount to new customers. This is a special promotion that won't last long, so if you want a Security Bulb you should take advantage of the current discount.

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