Dad's Gift Saves Daughter's life less than a week later

Little did Steve Johnson know that a spontaneous gift for his daughter would save her life less than a week later. “I saw an ad online and thought ‘hey, my daughter could use that.’ It wasn’t expensive, so I figured why not,” said Steve.

After leaving the gym around 7:15PM, Ashley Johnson, 19, was jumped by a hooded man who tried to pull her behind a parked car. Acting fast, Ashley pulled the pin on her Hootie personal safety alarm her father bought her just days prior.

According to Ashley, “the Hootie was so loud, and the strobe light so bright, that it got everyone in the parking lots attention immediately.” The assailant quickly released Ashley and ran away. Police identified and found him the next day.

“When my Dad first gave it to me I laughed. I thought he was being over-protective. But he insisted, so I hooked it on my keychain,” Ashley explained. “I’m glad I did. All my friends want one now after what happened.”

Steve tells us, “it’s one of those things that doesn’t cost much, but can save someone you love’s life. It’s like, well ‘why not’? Every parent out there should make sure their kids have one of these keychain alarms. It saved my daughter's life and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

What is a Hootie?

Hootie is a personal safety alarm designed for women and children. It comes with a built-in 130 decibel alarm and a super bright 1000 lumen strobe light. This makes it louder than a fire-alarm and brighter than a police grade flashlight.

To set off the Hootie alarm, all you have to do is pull the pin out of the top. When the pin is pulled, the ear piercing 130 decibel alarm and blinding 1000 lumen strobe are set off. It can be heard and seen for up to a mile, which means no attacker is going to stick around.

Who can benefit from a Hootie?

A Special Deal For Our Readers

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