better than a restraining order - Your ex will hate this new privacy website

If there’s one thing obsessed exes hate more than your new significant other, it’s being completely cut off from stalking you. Thanks to advances in privacy technology, you can now fully block your ex on the internet. Keep reading to find out how...

People with stalkers or obsessive exes know that a restraining order only goes so far. Exes and stalkers violate restraining orders everyday in the US. To them, it’s just a piece of paper and it’s not going to protect you.

But what if I told you there was a way to make yourself completely invisible to them, so they could never find you again? Imagine, all of your personal information cleaned off the internet, making it impossible for anybody to find out where you live or where you work. Your obsessed ex will be completely cut off, frantically wondering why they can't find you anymore.

Well, thanks to a genius new site called, you can become completely invisible. turns your internet privacy "on" by removing all of your personal information off of the internet.

This is a dream come true for people who have someone in their life they want to disappear from. No matter how hard that person searches for you on the internet, they won’t be able to find anything out about you. Becoming "invisible" is better than a restraining order, because if they can’t find you then they can’t hurt you. Stops Spam

Another benefit of is that it stops spam. Once your information is cleaned off the internet, spammers have no way of getting your information. This means no more telemarketers and junk mail.

Spammers buy massive lists of data from companies called data brokers. Data brokers collect and sell your information online. They do it by installing cookies in your browser and other sneaky methods. They're like internet parasites sucking up your data for profit. So how do you stop them?

Well you could opt out of all of them, but there are dozens of data brokers, and they all have different opt out methods. If you wanted to remove your name from all of these data brokers you’d have to find them first. Then it would take weeks to opt out of them all. Not to mention there are new data brokers popping up every month that you’ve never even heard about.

This is why is so powerful. It automatically opts out of every single data broker for you instantly so you don't have to. By cleaning your data off the web, you can have peace of mind that creeps, exes, and spammers aren’t stalking you online.

However, these data brokers are sneaky and greedy, and will re-list your information whenever they can. Unfortunately for them, scans the web every month searching for your information. If it see's that these data brokers have re-listed your information, it will submit additional opt out requests so they can never make money off of you again.

Who can benefit from VS Big Data Companies

Big data companies hate For every user signs up, big data companies lose a little bit of revenue. Their whole business model is based on collecting your information for free, and then selling it for a profit to creeps online.

It’s only a matter of time before these big data companies try and shut down We don’t know how long this will be, but for now you can still get a full internet data wipe.

It would be nearly impossible to wipe all of your information off of the internet without a service like Because of their fast servers and up to date API, they can do a full sweep across all data brokers within minutes. Something that would take you months to do on your own. Loves It’s Customers

A great way to tell if a website is a scam or not is by contacting their customer service. If they respond within 24 hours and speak like they are from America, it’s most likely a legitimate company.

I decided to put to the test. I am already a member of their privacy protection services, but I’ve never reached out to their customer service before. I emailed their support email a simple question: “How do I know my data is actually being removed?”

I got an email right back confirming that a team member would get back to me within 24 hours. But not one hour later, I got a response from a team member showing me exactly how I could verify that my information was being removed from these websites. They addressed me by my name, had clear communication, were polite, and told me to let them know if I had any more questions.

I was blown away by their attentive customer support. I followed up with another question: “Are you based in the US.” I got my answer back within 10 minutes. “Yes, we are a US based company and all of our customer support is in America.”

“Wow,” I thought. A true US based company that actually provides quality customer support from America. This attention to their customers made me feel even more confident in I felt taken care of, like they had my back.

Their return policy is incredible too. If you’re not satisfied with your data removal within 30 days, you can get your money back. No questions, they’ll just refund your payment in full. I can’t help but love this company. It’s like they’re the good guys, helping to protect us from the evil corporations who want to profit from our data.

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